10 Tips To Start Your Own Tourism Company

Looking to start your own tourism company? The good news is that it’s easier than it seems. The bad news is that it’s a popular and competitive market, so in order to beat your competitors and launch a successful operation overseas, you’ll need a good plan straight out of the gate. Here are 10 tips for making it happen, let the countdown begin!

10: Choose a niche.

Don’t try to break into the market with something huge and vague like “cruises in Asia” or “African safaris.” Instead, focus on something special, something like “wildlife tourism in Kenya” or even “a trip through every region of Japan.”

9: Know people on the ground.

If you haven’t already been to your destination countries, make sure you have contacts there. You’ll need both administrative support and legal aid for things like visas and work permits.

8: Advertise, advertise, advertise.

Think about what you searched for when you wanted to travel abroad.

7: Get connected to social media.

Word of mouth is the easiest and most affordable way to attract new clients, especially if they’re plugged into other travel sites and can share good reviews of your company.

6: Find additional funding.

No matter how much you’re starting with, unexpected expenses will crop up and put a strain on your budget. Don’t be afraid to accept funding wherever you can find it, including donations, loans and customer fees for special services.

5: Offer options.

Everyone likes to travel in different ways. Some people are looking for luxurious experiences; others want to break in their hiking boots and work up a sweat. If you can offer packages that cater to both types, you won’t lose any customers who browse your site and don’t see what they’re looking for.

4: Create custom apparel for your group.

Nothing brings people together like a sense of community, have hats, backpacks and custom tee shirts with your company’s logo on it. With the right colors/designs will also make them easily distinguishable from the crowd when you’re in strange lands.

3: Have a flexible itinerary.

People are comforted by structure, but you don’t want to micromanage their entire holiday. A good compromise is a full, fun itinerary that will give them a staring point for their adventures but also allow for personal excursions.

2: Hire good guides.

Guides can make or break a tourism business. It’s worth the effort to personally vet each person who wears your logo and represents your company in front of others.

1: Listen to feedback.

Despite your best efforts, your company isn’t going to be perfect, especially in the beginning. But if you stay open and receptive to criticism then you just might find that you can make your customers happy after all.

It isn’t an easy thing, starting your own tourism company, but with dedication and planning there’s no reason why you can’t be a success. Just don’t forget the little people when you become a major travel mogul!