7 Essential Beginner Tips for Booking a Ski Holiday

Always wanted to go on a skiing adventure but never got around to it? Well, with ski holidays becoming more and more affordable, now really is the best time to go. However, before you hit those slopes, here are seven beginner tips for booking a ski holiday. It’s very good advice (if we do say so ourselves) so read on.

1. Tour Operator Knows Best

First things first, if you are new to ski holidays don’t even think about booking it yourself. How will you know which resorts are best for you and your skiing abilities? That’s where the trusty tour operator comes in. Experienced and knowledgeable, it’s their job to seek out the resort that’s right for you, your skills and your budget. What’s more, they’ll even arrange for a rep to be readily available to help you during the first couple of days of your ski holiday.

2. Don’t Fork Out for Skiing Equipment

Ski equipment can prove very costly. And, what if you never use it again? Complete waste of money. If you’re not a regular skier, it really isn’t worth the investment. Many savvy skiers simply hire the equipment at the resort itself. A great way to save money, you won’t need to worry about any excess baggage charges either.

3. Don’t Book your Ski Holiday During Busy Times

Avoid going on your ski holiday during those hectic periods, like the half term and Easter holidays. Your best bet is to go during January, you’ll find the slopes are much quieter then. It’ll be like having them all to your selves… Perfect.

4. Make Sure your Travel Insurance Covers Ski Holidays

When purchasing travel insurance make sure it covers ski holidays. You see, many insurance companies don’t cover sports like skiing, so it’s always best to check beforehand. Better safe than sorry.

5. Pack your Suitcase Wisely

It’s going to be cold out on the slopes, so you will need to be kitted out in your thermals along with waterproofs. Think warmth, warmth, warmth. Don’t forget to pack goggles/sunglasses and a few pairs of skiing gloves too. If you don’t want to spend too much, why not buy them second hand? Check out online auctions, like eBay.

6. Book Early

To get the best deal on your ski holiday, it really does pay to book as early as possible. Early bird gets the worm and all that.

7. Time to Get Practicing!

Once you’ve booked your ski vacation, why not practice your moves on a dry ski slope before you go? Then, once you get to your ski destination, you’ll feel more confident in your skiing abilities. Simply search on the internet to find the nearest one to you.