Six Reasons Why More Americans Are Choosing To Drive Rather Than Fly To Their Next Vacation

Flying to your vacation destination may have won the popularity contest a few years ago, but these days more Americans are choosing to drive. Why? An old fashioned road trip has more advantages than you think! Keep these benefits in mind before you buy your plane tickets.

1. You can avoid all of the inconveniences of the airport. A road trip means no layovers, security lines, boarding passes or carry-on measurements. While the high security is appreciated for safety, it puts quite a damper on the vacation. If you drive, there’s no need to leave the house four hours prior to your flight to ensure a parking space, boarding pass and seat on a flight. There is no flight to miss; there is no body scan and you get to keep your shoes on! The hassles of the airport can easily add two hours onto your trip. No time saved there!

2. You get your own space! Matter of fact, the whole car is yours! When flying, passengers are often confined to the seat and one arm rest if their lucky. Avoid fees for oversized luggage, an undesirable seat neighbor and decisions over what to shove in your suitcase. Pack the car and go! The best part? The only crying baby on your trip will be your own!

3. You get a vacation within a vacation! The things you see along the way during a road trip far outweigh the things you see out the window during a flight. You and your family will get to actually experience the travel. See something cool? You can stop and look! Driving through beautiful wine country or New England in the fall? You get to see all of it! Flying doesn’t offer the perspective that driving does.

4. You have the freedom of choice. You don’t have to wait for a light to go on to use the bathroom. You can drink more than your one allotted beverage. You can stop when you want to stretch your legs without the permission of the captain. A road trip allows you to stop when you have to and change travel plans sans fees. The best part? It’s all on your watch!

5. Let’s face it: you save money. If you’re going on family vacation, a road trip saves money. The cost of gas and even car insurance is far cheaper than plane tickets for a family and a car rental. You’ll save money by packing a cooler of snacks and drinks from home, too. Those $8 in-flight chips aren’t any tastier than the ones you can buy at a grocery store or gas station along the way!

6. It’s a less stressful, safer way to spend quality time together. It’s pretty hard to play “I Spy” in the clouds. Being together in a car means there’s no stress of coordinating children walking through an airport, missing a flight or the fear of heights or flying. And be honest: it’s safer! There are more cars on the road than planes in the sky. In the comfort of your car, you can switch drivers when someone’s sleepy, use your cell phone, change the radio station and sit however you want to on your seat. The less stressful, safe time you get together can hardly be achieved on a cramped flight.

Though flying may seem more convenient, a good road trip has more benefits than you think. That is why more Americans are choosing to drive on their next vacation rather than fly! Don’t forget these advantages when planning your next trip!