The Benefits of Building Platinum Points

Tropical resorts are one of the premium timeshare companies. Each location has a championship golf course as well as high end amenities and facilities. These features have earned Tropical resorts the highest RCI rating, the Gold Crown. However, the best way to get full benefits of a Tropical Resort timeshare is to use Platinum Points, allowing you to have a greater amount of flexibility in when and how you use your timeshare. Here are a few of the many reasons that you should build Platinum Points with Tropical resorts.

1. Point accrual. With Tropical resorts, you have a full calendar year to make your timeshare reservation. If you cannot use your reservation that year, you can call Owner Services to have your points rolled over to the next year. These points can later be used in a variety of ways, including a longer vacation, upgrading to a larger or more luxurious villa, or a deposit on an exchange.

2. Point borrowing. The Platinum Points program at Tropical resorts allows timeshare owners to borrow points from future years. This allows these owners to use the points in the same way that they would use accrued points.

3. Split weeks. The Platinum Points program allows timeshare owners to use their points in blocks of less than a week. This is an added touch of convenience for people with busy modern lives. For many, two weekend getaways are more attractive than a full week. The Platinum Points program allots 25 points each to Friday and Saturday nights, and 10 points each for Sunday through Thursday nights. A week is thus worth 100 points; timeshare owners may use these points in any way. In addition, split weeks may be used at no additional charge.

4. More flexibility for canceled or changed reservations. Tropical resorts’ Platinum Points program recognizes that life happens. Owners can change their plans or cancel up to two months before their planned date of occupancy and have all points returned to their accounts. If the change or cancellation is between two months and seven days before the planned date, all points are returned but they must be used in a set 60 day reservation period. Last, if the change or cancellation is made within seven days of the occupancy date, half the points are returned to the owner’s account and the same 60 day reservation period applies. There also is a small fee for these changes of date or cancellation.

5. Gifting points and timeshare usage. No gift could be more appreciated than a vacation at a Tropical Resort. Timeshare owners are allowed to make reservations for friends and family by simply making a reservation as normal and then sending a signed, written letter authorizing the use of the timeshare, along with the name and address of the guest. In addition, timeshare owners may give points to another Platinum Points member. Both of these services are available at absolutely no charge.

The Platinum Points program at Tropical resorts is the premiere timeshare program for people who want the benefits of a timeshare with fewer restrictions. Call Tropical resorts today to find out how you can purchase a timeshare at one of their many upscale resorts.