The Honeymoon Checklist – 10 Things You Must Not Forget To Bring!

You’ve tied the knot and are ready to set sail on your honeymoon: Congratulations are in order, and so is the perfect getaway suitcase. Whether you’ve decided to go on a ski adventure or soak up the sun in the Caribbean, the following items should absolutely be included in your luggage.

1. L.B.D.

Be sure to bring a “little black dress” along. It is the perfect choice for an impromptu dinner or nearly any day or evening event. Jersey knit dresses eliminate the need for ironing — they look great even after being tossed into a suitcase and being tossed about by security administration or customs officers.

2. Over-the-Counter Medications

Be sure to pack a few emergency OTCs to help you through jet lag, sea sickness, headaches or any other malady that may pop up during your trip. Sunscreen is a great idea in any climate, so grab a bottle with SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin.

3. Ballerina Flats

You want to have fun on your honeymoon, but comfort is key. A pair of ballet flats tossed into your purse can give you the freedom to rest your soles after a long day of sight-seeing, hiking or shopping. A neutral color allows you to pair your flats with every outfit in your suitcase.

4. Marriage License

Some resorts, hotels and restaurants will give you free upgrades or deep discounts based on your new marital status. However, you might be required to show some proof. Take along a copy of your marriage documents just in case.

5. Travel Safe

Secure your marriage license, jewelry, cash and other valuable items in a travel safe. These small boxes fit in your luggage and feature combination or key locks that will deter thieves whether you honeymoon on a cruise ship, in a hotel, or at a resort.

6. Sexy Lingerie

Sure, your new spouse has promised to love you forever, but he or she is probably hoping that you’ll leave the practical cotton undies at home for this trip. Surprise the love of your life by wearing something super sexy under your outfits. As a bonus, you will feel more confident throughout the day in your scintillating secret wardrobe.

7. Duct Tape

Duct tape is about the most practical item you can pack on any vacation, including your honeymoon. The ideal fantasy getaway can sometimes be met with unexpected snags, so you can use a roll of duct tape to temporarily mend torn luggage and fix many small issues.

8. Sarong

A sarong can cover cellulite on the beach, but it has about as many purposes as a Dr. Seuss “thneed.” You can use it as a sheet, a pillow, a scarf, or even a bag. Bring one along for your husband, as well — this multipurpose garment is not just for the ladies.

9. Tissues

You might have a few romantic reasons to shed a tear or two while honeymooning, but you certainly don’t want to be caught in a public place in an exotic location without a way to keep clean. A few packets of tissues takes up little space in your carry-on or checked luggage but can potentially save you from an uncomfortable situation.

10. Body Lotion

Keep your skin hydrated even if your hotel room, cruise ship cabin or penthouse suite has hard water by bringing along your favorite body lotion. Get around the limitations of the airlines by placing your lotion and other liquid necessities in your checked baggage.

With these items in tow, you are sure to have everything you need for a fantastic honeymoon with your new spouse.